About This Project

Cultivate LA is a research project meant to assess the state of urban agriculture in Los Angeles County today. The research presented on this website and in the report  (available for download)  aims to provide an understanding of the nuances of urban agriculture in Los Angeles that have not previously been documented.

Much of the existing discussion, promotion, and advocacy of urban agriculture focuses on the qualitative benefits, characteristics, and ambitions of the movement.

Our researchers aimed to complement this discourse by providing an empirical analysis of major sectors of urban agriculture in Los Angeles County, specifically its locations and aggregations.

To achieve this, our research team contacted over 3,000 entities to establish a baseline understanding of:

  • Land use regulations for urban agriculture

  • The spatial distribution of urban agriculture

  • School gardens

  • The economics and geography of farmers’ markets, and

  • Distribution strategies for urban farmers in Los Angeles County

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